Review: Unforgettable by Lacey Wolfe


Title: Gentleman’s Club, Book 1: Unforgettable
Author: Lacey Wolfe
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, May-December, Romance
ARC Received From: Lacey Wolfe


Can an older man be everything Krista’s been looking for?

Krista Michaels’ dating life has been non-existent since her divorce a year before. When her best friend steps in and declares it’s time for a night out at the newest May/December hang-out, The Gentleman’s Club, Krista enters a whole new world and lays eyes on a man who leaves her speechless.

Neil Clark likes younger women and having a good time. Krista catches his attention right away, From their first conversation, he can tell she isn’t a woman to simply play with. One problem: Krista isn’t interested, or so she says. But Neil isn’t about to let her slip away.

Krista’s heart and mind battle it out as Neil does his best to win her over. But they have one huge difference in what they want out of life, and Krista isn’t willing to give up her values, not for a man, not for money, not for love…

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Neil is an excellent December man. Kind, considerate, caring. He’s worked hard for all he has. His lifestyle is a testament to his achievements. A broken heart in his younger years is all the reminder he needs to keep his relationships with any woman casual. Date a little, play a lot, never get too deep. Then he meets Krista who’s unlike any other woman he’s known. She’s undoubtedly beautiful but there’s something else about her he can’t name, something that keeps her from fully exploring the attraction between them.

Though Neil is the most gorgeous man she’s laid eyes on in a while, Krista is reluctant to pursue anything with him after something he said left a sinking feeling in her stomach. The one thing he said he didn’t want, she already had. If he couldn’t accept that, how could they have a relationship at all?

Neil and Krista’s story is a roller coaster of misunderstandings and doubt. Ultimately, it comes down to one scene in the entire book:

[Krista] “Did you really think it would work?”

[Neil] “When I told you I loved you, I meant it. I’d have given everything up if it meant I got to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The direct approach is often the best way of putting a situation in perspective. Neil’s declaration was an eye opener for Krista and left little doubt in my mind how sincere his feelings were for her. Moving past this moment… Well, that would be the real challenge for them.

Unforgettable isn’t just about a wealthy man being attracted to the girl next door. It’s about working past miniscule details that shouldn’t matter in a relationship but sometimes do. It’s about communicating and listening. It’s about reconciling and moving on together. This is a terrific opener for Ms. Wolfe’s new series, and I look forward to reading other May-December happy ever afters that will come from The Gentleman’s Club.



About the Author:

Review0919-UAuthorLacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. From the time she was a child she would slip away to write short stories about people she knew and fantasies she wished would happen. It has always been her dream to be a published author and with her two children now of school age, she finally has the time to work on making her dream come true.

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their six cats and one black lab who rules the house.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook Page | Facebook | Twitter

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Review: Rowena and the Viking Warlord by Melodie Campbell



Title: Land’s End, Book 3: Rowena and the Viking Warlord
Author: Melodie Campbell
Publisher: Imajin Books
Release Date: June 29, 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Time Travel, Romance
ARC Received From: Pump Up Your Book


He was her enemy and her lover…

As Cedric fights battles down south, Rowena unwittingly rides into an enemy war camp and is taken prisoner by her old friend Lars, who is not what he seems.

Yet Rowena is not helpless. After all, she is a hereditary half-witch with a whole lot of magic in her. Too bad she doesn’t know how to use it. Escaping from the camp, she continues to botch up spell after spell. Soon Kendra joins her on the trek back to Huel, along with the latest magical mistake, a flame-burping dragon called Cinders.

When war comes to Land’s End, it brings the one man who threatens to conquer everything in Huel, including Rowena’s heart. Now she has to make the biggest decision of her life. Will she return through the wall to safety in Arizona? Or will she stay in Land’s End for good, and fight to save her people from the Viking Warlord?

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What an incredible story! Battles, strategy, weapons, and a dragon. Yes, a little dragon named Cinders! Cute and awesome! Incantations with hilarious results, demons bent on destruction, and a claiming. (Don’t know what that is? Read this story and find out!)

Two things really stuck with me as I read this story. The first was the depth of Lars’ feelings for Rowena. His love for her came through with amazing clarity, and not just when they were in bed. I could feel it in the way he looked at her, how he talked to her, how he acted toward her, how he considered her when she spoke. He was always attentive when it came to Rowena, in a time when women were seldom valued so highly.

The second is the detail. Ms. Campbell’s attention to minute detail is spot on. There was never a moment where I felt like I was a spectator watching this story happen, because I always felt like I was actually there. Sounds, smells, environments. Wonderful job, Ms. Campbell. You pulled me right in and kept me there until the end.

Time travel romances aren’t for everyone, myself included. But when an author puts as much time and effort into building an accurate historical world with paranormal elements and contemporary characters like Ms. Campbell has, I will happily admit that time travel romances really aren’t that bad. That all I needed was to find an author who writes them in a way that’s appealing to all my senses.



About the Author:

Review0820-RATVWAuthorBilled as Canada’s “Queen of Comedy” by the Toronto Sun (Jan. 5, 2014), Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best when Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich.

Winner of nine awards, including the 2014 Derringer (US) and the 2014 Arthur Ellis (Canada) for The Goddaughter’s Revenge (Orca Books), Melodie has over 200 publications, including 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories, and seven novels.

Melodie got her start writing stand-up. In 1999, she opened the Canadian Humour Conference. Her fiction has been described by industry reviewers as “hilarious” and “laugh-out-loud funny.”

Melodie has a commerce degree from Queen’s University, but it didn’t take well. She has been a bank manager, college instructor, marketing director, comedy writer and possibly the worst runway model ever. These days, Melodie is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway: What a Lady Craves by Ashlyn Macnamara



Title: What A Lady Craves
Author: Ashlyn Macnamara
Publisher: Loveswept
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Genre: Historical, Romance


Ashlyn Macnamara weaves a delicious tale of two souls torn apart by circumstance and reunited by fate—perfect for fans of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries.

Henrietta Upperton is about to marry Alexander Sanford when he rushes off to India to salvage his family’s fortune. Then comes the devastating news that he has wed another. Eight agonizing years later, a storm washes Alexander ashore—injured, widowed, and hunted—and one glimpse of his ruggedly handsome face reawakens the desire Henrietta thought she had buried deep inside. Her body still yearns for his touch, but she’s determined not let him wound her again . . . not this time.

For Alexander, honor always comes first. But only now does he realize that when given the choice between two virtuous deeds, he picked the wrong one. On the run with his life in tatters and a pair of daughters in tow, Alexander burns for Henrietta. He knows he does not deserve forgiveness. And yet he longs to wrap his arms around her warm body once again. What’s more, he is sure the lady craves the same.

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Excerpt from Chapter Three:

Naturally, he’d overheard her heedlessly blurt to Tilly that she was seeking a new situation. Naturally. But then, he didn’t know of her current position, thank the heavens. She hadn’t acted as his aunt’s companion long enough for a letter to have reached him in India. Indeed, if Lady Epperley had written to him, the note would have crossed paths with his ship somewhere near the Cape of Good Hope. At any rate, who was to say that Henrietta even merited a mention in his aunt’s missive, no matter their history?

“Business you’re in no condition to carry out, clearly. My goodness, how you ever made it down from the manor is beyond me when only last night . . .” She stopped herself before she could rattle off any more.

His jaw tensed; if she didn’t miss her guess, he was setting his teeth. “It could not wait, irrespective of my condition.”

How dare he mock her? “You should still be abed.”

He lowered his brows, but the sternness of his expression still managed to entice and intrigue. “You speak as if you are intimately aware of the goings-on at the manor. What do you know of them? For that matter, what are you even doing in this part of England?”

Damnation. She’d given herself away.

“I’ve been acting as your aunt’s paid companion.” She kept her tone brisk, as if she’d bumped into an acquaintance she’d rather avoid.

Actually, he was an acquaintance she wanted to avoid. The memory of what he’d put her through set her insides churning. And as long as she recalled that, and not their more pleasant interactions, she’d be safe. For he represented a real danger. She could not allow him near her again, no matter how handsome he was. No matter how her skin, even a spot so innocent as her inner wrist, still buzzed with the echo of his touch—an echo that vibrated in much more secret spots.

He leaned one hip against the counter. “For how long?”

“Just over six months.” Six long months—enough to make her change her mind about staying to spite him—but he didn’t need to know that.

“And you’re looking for a new position already?”

“Yes.” A lie, as she hadn’t decided, but she couldn’t resist the chance to needle him. “Since last night, as it happens.”

“And what does my aunt have to say about that?”

“She doesn’t know, and I’d prefer to keep it that way until I’ve lined up something else.” She kept her gaze steady on his, daring him to contradict her. Daring him to tell her no. As if he had any say in her life these days. He had none, and he damned well knew it.

“That is hardly fair to my aunt.”

She would not beg. Not to any man, but most especially not to him. “I will give my notice in due course.” If she gave it, but as long as he planned on treating her like a servant he could question and order about . . . “Until then, I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself. I will further thank you to let me deal with your aunt as I see fit.”

The muscles about his lips tightened, but he nodded. “You have a week to tell her.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but the rustle behind the counter reminded her that Tilly had overheard every word of their discussion. He looked from Alexander to her and back like a spectator at a battledore and shuttlecock match. Yes, and he’d be all too eager to repeat every last word of their exchange to various and sundry.

Henrietta scowled at Tilly. “You might keep this conversation quiet.”

His slow grin revealed the gaps in his dentition. “I might, and again I might not.”

Alexander whipped his head about. “You heard the lady.” Lady. How long had it been since anyone considered her a lady? “Keep an eye out for what I told you and this conversation remains private. I’ve left a deposit. There’s more where that came from.”

“Arr, I see we understand each other perfectly.”

Henrietta firmed her jaw. She ought to thank Alexander, but she did not want to be beholden to him, not even for so much as keeping the lid on a bit of gossip, much less any manner of hush-money. But she had no choice if she wanted to get away from him.

© 2014 Ashlyn Macnamara


About the Author:

Blast0820-WALCAuthorAshlyn Macnamara is the author of A Most Scandalous Proposal. She lives in the wilds of suburbia outside of Montreal with her husband and two teenage daughters. When not writing, she looks for other excuses to neglect the housework, among them knitting, reading, and wasting time on the Internet in the guise of doing research.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Reveal: Follow by J.A. Huss (+18 ONLY)



Title: Social Media #1: Follow
Author: J.A. Huss
Publisher: Science Future Press
Release Date: August 27, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance



I fuck them. I use them. I pay them off. I find another. My demands are never denied. My contracts are always signed. They submit to me. Willingly. Completely. Temporarily. This is how it’s always been.

Until I saw that filthy tweet.

@VaughnAsher My bare pussy. Your tongue. #ThingsIThinkAboutToGetOff

“FilthyBlueBird” thinks she can tease me with hashtags and then hide behind a Twitter handle? She thinks I wouldn’t be more than happy to #RockHerFilthyWorld? She’s wrong.

Her online fantasy is about to collide with her public reality, and it’s about to happen… now.

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About the Author:

Reveal0820-FAuthorJ. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

Find Her Here: WebsiteFacebookTwitter | Goodreads

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Review & Giveaway: Norah by Kimberly Lewis



Title: The McKades of Texas #2: Norah
Author: Kimberly Lewis
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Western, Romance
ARC Received From: Tasty Book Tours


He may not be a cowboy… But that won’t stop him from wrangling her heart.

Chase O’Donnell is the proud new owner of the Caldwell Ranch—or maybe he’s not so proud. Annoyed would be more like it. After receiving the news of his inheritance, Chase’s first thought is to sell the ranch and be done with it—until one night with a beautiful blonde at a local honky-tonk has him changing his tune…

Norah McKade is surprised by her instant attraction to the handsome new stranger, and even more surprised when she finds out he’s her new neighbor. But with Chase only being in town for a short amount of time, Norah determines getting tangled up with him a bad idea and promptly places Chase in the friend zone.

Although a bit reluctant, Chase agrees to Norah’s terms—but he’s not about to deny or ignore the fact that there’s more between them than just sexual attraction. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to get her to change her mind and prove to her that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for her to fall in love with him.

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This isn’t your typical city boy meets country girl romance. The ranch Chase inherits is one he’s familiar with. He spent time as a boy there, knows horses, and what it takes to keep a ranch running. Norah’s a country girl through and through, from the top of her hat to the tips of her boots. Family is everything, friendships are timeless, and love is to be cherished.

I liked that Ms. Lewis added so much family to this story. Some romances are devoid of familial interactions even though moms, dads, brothers, sisters, etc., are mentioned. But not in this story. There is a ton of conversations between family members. Most were heartwarming and showed just how much the people talking cared about each other, but some made me realize how toxic and selfish people can be. But that’s what helped me connect with Chase and Norah, how realistic their relationships were.

There are ups and downs in every relationship. Norah and Chase faced their fair share. I have to admit that Ms. Lewis had me worried over one particular low that drove them apart and kept them separated for some time. I didn’t think a happy ending was going to happen for this couple. Forgiveness and resolution didn’t seem like they were going to happen. Thankfully, they did!

Norah is filled with humor, laughter, good times, bad times, reconciliation, healing, and love. Ms. Lewis is an author to look out for, and one whose books I’ll be adding to my “Read Again” shelf for sure.



About the Author:

Review0819-NAuthorIn November 2011 author Kimberly Lewis stepped into the writing world with her first contemporary Western romance, When the Heart Falls.

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, this country girl caught the creative bug at an early age, doing everything from drawing to writing short stories.

After rediscovering her love of romance novels, Kimberly found the inspiration to pick up a pen—or in this case a laptop—and began writing her first novel. Since then she has continued to write and credits her husband and her wonderfully crazy family and friends, who with their love and joking demeanor provide her with the ideas that inspire her novels.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her amazing family.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway: A Highlander’s Obsession by Vonnie Davis



Title: Highlander’s Beloved Trilogy, Book 1: A Highlander’s Obsession
Author: Vonnie Davis
Publisher: Loveswept
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance


In the vein of Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series and Shelly Laurenston’s Pride Stories, Vonnie Davis introduces two wandering souls who discover that true love needs no words in this explosive, fantastical novel.

Two wandering souls discover that true love needs no words in this explosive, fantastical novel from Vonnie Davis.

Somehow able to telepathically communicate with animals, Paisley Munro has found meaning in her so-called gifts by working as a veterinary assistant. But while traveling to Scotland for a relative’s funeral, Paisley fears that she really has lost her mind. Out in the highlands, she hears distinctly human thoughts coming from a wild bear. Terrified and desperate, she returns to the lodge and collapses in the powerful arms of its owner, a mysterious man with whom she shares a simmering attraction.

Creighton Matheson and his fellow shape-shifters have been roaming this land freely for centuries. Now Paisley may inherit his home, putting his kind in grave danger. His mistrust only deepens when he realizes she can read his mind. Yet he cannot deny that this tantalizing woman makes him burn with desire—and hunger for the prospect of a tender love. Now Creighton must decide which would hurt more: revealing the truth or losing Paisley forever.

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“Good mornin’, ladies.” Creighton, dressed in a navy thermal knit shirt, kilt, heavy stockings, and work boots with the laces untied, sauntered into the dining room and sucked out all the oxygen, or so it seemed when Paisley looked at him. Muscular, hairy legs grew from the hem of his dark-green and navy kilt like thick branches on an oak.

Creighton strode to the large brass coffee urn and filled a mug with the fragrant brew. With the mug in his large hand, he passed behind Coleen’s chair, stopped and leaned down to plant a kiss on his niece’s locks. “How’s me wee sweet bairn this beautiful Scottish mornin’?”

“I’m not a wee bairn, Uncle Creigh. I’m a big girl.”

He tapped a large finger on her pert little nose. “Och, and what did I tell ye about that, me little luv?”

“That in yer heart I’ll always be yer wee sweet bairn, no matter how old I get.” She favored him with a broad smile.

With a nod he stepped toward the head of the table and sipped from his mug before he set it down. “That’s right, lassie.” He turned toward the antique breakfront behind him and reached for an empty plate. The chrome lid of a chafing dish clattered when he removed it. “Yer uncle Creigh will always be here for ye.” He spooned a pile of scrambled eggs onto his plate along with two chunks of salmon.

A slow smile bloomed along with the twinkle in Colleen’s eyes. “Even when I need a new dolly? ’Cause I saw one I need really, really bad.”

Creighton stilled and slowly turned to her, his dark eyebrows furrowed. “Are ye playing yer uncle?”

Colleen’s smile broadened even more and her eyes sparkled. “Like a fiddle.”

© 2014 Vonnie Davis


About the Author:

Vonnie Davis, who studied English at Penn State, likens herself to a croissant: crusty, wrinkled, flaky—and best served with strong coffee. After a career as a technical writer, she’s spending her retirement playing fairy godmother to her characters, giving them their happily-ever-afters. Six fantastic, talented kids call her “Grandma” and brighten her world in so many ways. She lives in Southern Virginia with her husband, author Calvin Davis.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Review & Giveaway: The Danger in Tempting an Earl by Sophie Barnes



Title: At the Kingsborough Ball #3: The Danger In Tempting An Earl
Author: Sophie Barnes
Publisher: Avon Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Genre: Historical, Romance
ARC Received From: Edelweiss
Reviewed For: Tasty Book Tours


Lucien Marvaine never thought he was good enough for Katherine. As the younger son of an earl, he didn’t have a title or prospects. Then fate steps in and gives him a second chance, and this new Earl of Roxbury is determined to make the beautiful Kate his own . . . one touch . . . one kiss at a time.

Katherine never thought of herself as a temptress, certainly not with Lucien. Why, she’s known him almost all her life! Yet as she waltzes in Lucien’s arms at the Kingsborough Ball, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Has he always been this hard and masculine? And where did those dimples come from? Kate is not looking for a husband . . . but how can she not surrender to Lucien’s charms when love is at stake?

Buy It Here: Amazon | B&N

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I liked this book, even though about one-third of it frustrated the hell out of me.

Lucien and Katherine are both terrific characters in their own right, each surviving their own personal hells while apart before being reunited years later. But their doubt and lack of admission for their feelings toward one another drove me crazy. Lucien’s asked another woman’s help in gaining Katherine’s attention, which I didn’t understand as he is the very picture of confidence. And Katherine, who lacks confidence thanks to her late husband, doubts the truth spoken by good friends who knew her better than her peers.

There’s an interesting mix of mystery, suspense, and romance in the pages of this book. Still, I guess it’s one of those better late than never sort of circumstances for these two. It took an act of violence for Lucien to jump into action and protect the woman he loved. And it took close quarters with Lucien for Katherine to see herself through his eyes and to truly hear what her heart had been telling her all along.



About the Author:

Review0818-TDITAEAuthorBorn in Denmark, Sophie Barnes spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish, and Romanian. But, most impressive of all, she’s been married to the same man three times—in three different countries and in three different dresses.

When she’s not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading.

Find Her Here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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