Writer’s Thoughts

It’s October 31! Can you believe Halloween’s here? Psh. Can you believe the end of October’s here?

Yeah… I can’t either, lol.

Just some quick thoughts from my cluttered mind before I hideaway for a while and edit AW:

My prayers and thoughts to those on the East Coast who have lost loved ones and/or things in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I pray for God’s peace as you piece together your lives again, for aid to come quickly where it’s needed most, and for this nation to rise and offer its support for our fellow Americans.

Angel’s Wings will be pulled down from my blog tonight so I can begin edits. I’m thrilled to start on it and I’m hoping (keep your fingers crossed!) to sub it to Sweet Cravings Publishing, the sweeter side of Secret Cravings Publishing. The story’s a long way from being submittable material but I’m hoping to get it there in the next month or so.

I haven’t written diddly-squat since ending Angel’s Wings. I’m so happy for the break too. Never thought I’d be elated to actually admit that but I am. I’ve taken up origami (a favorite pastime from my childhood) and am teaching it to Kid 1. We’re gonna make a mobile for Kid 2. :) And here I thought I didn’t have a crafty bone in my body!

My one sports related thought has to do with my hometown baseball team. Yup! I’m a born and bred San Francisco girl. My loyalty belongs to the SF Giants. Congrats, guys, on your second World Series Championship win since moving to SF! Woohoo!


Have a safe and sane Halloween tonight, everyone! Don’t eat too much candy! Don’t drink too much! And I’ll see y’all around the blogging world!

Until next time, happy reading!


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One thought on “Writer’s Thoughts”

  1. Good Luck with edits Mirriam! AW is an amazing story…I thoroughly LOVED it!

    Have fun with origami…my sister and I used to do that when we were kids and my daughter did it for awhile too. I even did a demonstration speech on it in high school and amazed the teacher! lol

    Enjoy your break and I can’t wait to hear how submissions go!

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