The Ultimate Alpha Female

List compiled by author Carrie Olguin. Posted here by permission. Originally posted here.

When the Alpha Female meets her Alpha Male, the sparks fly. In fiction, she is the kick-ass female, the one who gets things done.

Alpha Females exist in real life, but historically society has forced women to hide their Alpha tendencies. All women have some alpha female characteristics, but not all and not to the extreme.

The Alpha Female is physically different. For most women, the ring and index fingers will be the same length. On about 10% of women – those exposed to higher levels of testosterone during pre-natal development – have longer ring fingers. Although heterosexual, the brains of these women are neurologically wired to think like men – but they do so with feminine flare.

How is she different from the other women?

  • Task focused. Single minded.
  • Athletic, more physical than other women.
  • She is determined, bold, and a competitive high achiever.
  • Career is part of their identity.
  • Does not want to be tied down to family. She is not primarily interested in children and may not want children.
  • Higher sexual libido. Can enjoy one-night-stands with no regrets.
  • Emotionally self sufficient.
  • More aggressive. Actively pursues power and status. A risk taker.
  • Enjoys recognition but doesn’t need approval from peers.
  • Gets straight to the point without social chat (a trait expected in Alpha Males, but makes the Alpha female seem rude, abrupt, aggressive, arrogant, a bitch).
  • Closer relationship to father than mother.
  • Tend to be left handed.
  • Fiercely independent – not looking for a man to take care of her, she takes care of herself.
  • She may outright reject social conventions like marriage, religion, and government.

Traits She Shares with Alpha Males

  • Self-confidence – comfortable in her skin, loves her body, takes care of herself, works out and eats right.
  • Always dresses to impress. She is properly groomed, clean and smells sexy.
  • Doesn’t spend time in front of a mirror. Not vain. Knows she looks good.
  • Her eyes speak for her. If she wants you to know what she is thinking or feeling, she will show with her eyes – but also won’t hesitate to tell you in words.
  • She leads and expects everyone to follow.
  • She doesn’t care what people think of her.
  • Gives her opinions – doesn’t wait to be asked.
  • Intelligent, well informed, resourceful.
  • Not afraid of the unexpected or unknown – she knows she can handle any situation. Fights for what is hers.
  • Honor, integrity, and loyalty – demands the same qualities in those she considers her friends/allies.
  • She’s busy, has a full life, enjoys a variety of activities (many considered male), finds pleasure in everything she does.
  • Recognizes others – she remembers the people she’s met, laughs at their jokes, acknowledges their ideas, makes them feel important.
  • Self-focused but not selfish.
  • Well-developed sense of humor – laughs at herself and the rest of the world, makes others laugh.
  • Sucks people into her world; she’s interesting, charismatic, makes people feel comfortable and welcome.

The Protector of Pack and Home

  • Tend to “run in packs” with other Alpha females.
  • Fiercely protective of herself, her family and everyone she loves.
  • Nature created her to lead her family and community.
  • She is selective about who she invites into her private life.
  • She is well prepared for her own survival and for those she loves.
  • Cares about others and all her relationships. Enjoys the comfort of close friends
  • Looks for the best for others.
  • She won’t allow others take advantage of her or those she loves
  • The leader in the workplace and in her community.
  • Prevents others from trying to take advantage of her, her family and her friends. If anyone should try, the alpha female will shun them, leave them, find ways to eliminated or hurt them. She will hurt those who mess with her and her pack.

Other Alpha Female Characteristics

  • Good at persuasion. She asserts herself. Can use intimidation elegantly until others agree or close their mouths.
  • Charisma; charms others into getting her way and accomplishing her goals. Pleasing personality; warm, friendly, and emotionally strong. She knows how and when to move from charisma to intimidation.
  • Tough and ready for whatever threats may come. Uses her personal power.
  • Intelligent, blessed with wisdom. Doesn’t neglect her common-sense.
  • Knows she is unique; she is sure of herself.
  • Feels she deserves the best in everything.
  • Strong and brave in all she does. She is fearless. Oozes self-confidence.
  • Knows when to be a lady.
  • She has her own style, uniquely herself and guided by her own values.
  • Her ideas are most important; she’s at the top of the food chain.
  • She can hold her own in the boardroom, bedroom, or on the street. She commands respect.
  • She is dynamic, has presence and doesn’t blend in with the crowd. She’s charismatic and can work a room.
  • She knows what she wants/feels/needs and expresses her desires.
  • She’s easy-going and doesn’t throw tantrums, whine, bitch or nag. Doesn’t act like a child. She isn’t needy.
  • She is comfortable with herself. She has a sense of humor and smiles and laughs, even at herself when appropriate. She enjoys life. Knows when to admit her weaknesses.
  • She is a good conversationalist, not about gossip or daytime TV. She has opinions, interests and passions.
  • Actively purses dreams or goals; building her own empire to rule.
  • Solitude nourishes her.
  • She gets what she wants, when she wants it.
  • She follows her feelings and reasons for those feelings.
  • She was the childhood buddy that went on adventures with boys who morphed into the vixen who gives a man adventures in the bedroom.
  • Has a hint of masculinity, i.e. likes sports, sex, politics, intellectual interests.
  • Revels in her femininity.

The Alpha Female and Male Relationships

  • Alpha females step over non-Alpha men if they let her.
  • May select men who are at her beck and call.
  • She doesn’t doubt she has the ability to get any man she wants.
  • She draws the attention of the available men in the room.
  • She isn’t always the most beautiful or the one with the best personality. She is mysterious, interesting, a challenge.
  • Pays close attention to the signals of males around her. Yet she knows how to put them off if she isn’t interested in them.
  • She will not beg for expensive gifts.
  • This woman likes to have fun, especially with men.
  • She wears the things that make her look pretty.
  • She moves her body in ways that make men think of sex.
  • She openly flirts with men.
  • She may anticipate a future in which she dies alone, without a partner or children.
  • She may not realize that the characteristics that bring her success in the outside world may undermine her romantic relationships.

How Men See Alpha Females

  • Men find Alpha females intriguing – women tend to hate them.
  • Men find them a challenge and love the thrill from the competition to gain her attention.
  • Men want to capture, tame and dominate her. She knows and won’t let them.
  • Chasing an alpha female is intriguing but also exhausting for most men.
  • She can be seen as an Ice Queen.

The Dating Game for Alpha Females

  • She dates more than one man at a time.
  • She sets up the dates and will often be busy when HE asks.
  • She pays for the movie tickets, to get into clubs, and for food.
  • She won’t put herself in a position where she owes a man.
  • Men have to use more than charm, smile, or her flowers to appeal to an alpha female; they need to be creative.

When She Finds “The One”

  • Sparks fly when they meet and learn about each other. “The immovable object (him) meets the irresistible force (her).”
  • They constantly fight (with great make-up sex) in their struggle to find a compromise.
  • Her Alpha Male has the courage to take the lead in the relationship.
  • He will NOT be someone she needs to mother.
  • Her femininity makes a man feel like a man.
  • He appreciates her for who she is, doesn’t attempt to change her.
  • She may choose to submit to his dominance (for the most part) because he allows her to be herself.

Body Language

  • Smiles with her eyes and her lips.
  • Radiates the goddess within.
  • Enjoys her body and the way it moves.
  • Stands tall, head up, shoulders back.
  • Deliberate movement with grace and elegance.
  • Walks with confidence, accentuates hip sway.
  • Doesn’t scan the room. Knows she is the center of attention.
  • Maintains a comfortable stance, doesn’t shift positions.
  • Stance accentuates curve of the waist and/or lower back
  • Hand gestures are slow, deliberate, and animated.

In fiction, Ultimate Alpha Females are often used as antagonist, blocking character or fem fatal due to their aggressive (not seen as feminine) behavior and thought patterns.

But the Alpha Female has become the heroine of choice in paranormal/fantasy stories. She is the kick-ass vampire hunter and the ardent adventurer.

Written with the correct mix of female charm, charisma, and athletic ability, the Alpha Female makes for a complex heroine, one who is as intelligent, strong, and determined enough to safe herself from the villain and earn the everlasting love of the Ultimate Alpha Male.

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  1. Hello friend,

    Thanks for liking and following my words, that’s very kind of you.

    Terrific blog you have here. Keep up the great work. I’ll be back.


      1. Good work
        should be in school programs for all girls to learn about themselves as early as possible

  2. I really appreciate what I just read!

    I have just recently begun to investigate the true definition of “Alpha,” as I am tired of feeling like there is something wrong with me (because I am always ending up with the wrong men in bad or boring relationships). I find that almost all of those words truly describe me and the rest of them give me the permission (permission only because I tend to intimidate seemingly everyone so I try keep myself toned down a bit when I think it’s necessary) that I think I have been waiting for to completely be myself and enjoy what God has given me. I have been feeling like I will absolutely die alone and actually that’s ok because I am pretty content being alone (a little bored but content none-the-less) but now I have hope that I may have a chance at finding my true alpha male after all. If I end up alone after all then at least I am going to enjoy my life anyway!! Thank you:)

    1. I just read this blog and finally understood myself better. I’m a alpha female since childhood. I totally understood your feeling of die alone because I often think like that.

  3. Hi this is quite true,interesting enough its my boyfriend who led me to this literature could be having some relevant tips towards self realization. Nice job

    1. Yes, I am as well but it does have it’s challenges but obv cannot change myself & as a non confirming feminist will carry on. Raising one who says I am a feminist! Go alpha females!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. Far too often in our society, the Ultimate Alpha Female is admonished and even punished for her drive, focus & determination. The very same attributes that are praised in the man are used against the woman. Thank you for this refreshing perspective.

  5. I was very surprised and impressed with the article. I initially looked up the topic to see if I fit in the Alpha female category and take hints to improve my relationship with partners. I thought my military career made me the way I am, but after reading this…..I smile, because I am most of everything that is written. And I love me. I have been trying to be with the wrong kind of men. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Very impressive article. This completely describes me. I was just thinking the other day, that I will probably die alone (i.e. without a partner or children), yet I seem content with that. Insightful indeed.

  7. OMG! It’s like you’ve known me for a very long time because you’ve described the exact me. I can’t help but laugh at myself!
    I am a powerful choleric but that didn’t give me enough explanation as to why I behaved the way I did and why people always took me negative, which is the least of my cares. I now understand me better and am so grateful you came up with this article.

  8. I see myself in the words you wrote. It is difficult to establish love relationships when you are assertive and dominate, online datings is hell. Lol

  9. I love this article! THANK YOU! This is so helpful. I’ve been really struggling personally & professionally bc others don’t know how to take me, and I don’t know how to be anyone/thing other than myself. I thought I was ‘defective’. This gave me some great ideas about how to embrace my true self and how to finesse that to interact better with others.

    1. Always remember leaders lead and they don’t look back to see who is following. Because you probably have a strong voice, realize that you are speaking for others who are not able to express their true thoughts openly. If people confide in you re:their work issues, it is because they are truly seeking your input and leadership. Embrace the leader you are!

  10. What an interesting article that is well spoken. When you have most of these characteristics, sometimes one feels alone and wonders if they will ever meet the right male to have a meaningful relationship with.

  11. Real alpha females can only be leaders among women. And a genuine alpha female is not defined by how masculine she acts, but rather by how feminine she is. “Feminism” is a poisonous inorganic lie.

    1. I agree with you on this… however, feminism in a woman is not what we are talking about, nor is masculinity,
      but it’s about leadership (yes among women).

  12. I’m 55 years old and as an attractive Alpha my career has been fantastic but my personal life not so much. It’s both a blessing and a curse. In the end financial success means nothing. Relationships are everything. Sucks to be me… Men are intimidated by strong women.

  13. All you Toxic Women are so non-unique, you’re a dime a dozen these days – and, as usual, you just don’t get it. You’re attracted to masculine men, not effeminate sissys. In this same way we men are ONLY attracted to feminine-acting women. Polarity. Why would a man be attracted to a women who’s little more than a wanna-be man? Men invent everything (literally) including the technology you’re using right now to talk trash on us. Pathetic. We don’t live in a post-historical world. This sick society is fast crumbling and you will all be clinging to men again very, very soon for safety. I wish you could step back and see just how incredibly REPULSIVE you all are! This entire article is nothing more than social conditioning (aka brainwashing) and only appeals to egoists and simple minds. Lastly, men are NOT “intimidated” by you, they are repulsed, sickened, disgusted. What “power”? Strong? Your grandmothers were strong. Your just utterly pathetic and narcissistic. Wake up. The poisonous lie of “feminism” has led to mothers murdering their own offspring (55 million babies put to death in the U.S. alone since 1974), over 15,000 babies murdered by their own mothers every 7 days – SICK! We’re living in the Darkest Age in history. MEN invented “feminism” and The Pill to make women more dependable employees (slaves and peasants, that’s all you are). Search YouTube for “The real history of Feminism”. Reality check.

    1. Thank you for your statement. The whole Alpha, Beta talk is making me sick. To me we women are far from understanding the true nature of being women when we try to compete with men.And women. Cause that’s what happenes when a narcisstic person thinks she is the center of the universe. We all are particles and none of us will live long enough to see the end of stupudity unfortunately. I pray for world peace everday. And yes, it is possible to accomplish and follow goals in life without being an asshole. cause thats what this whole alpha talk actually means: its total bullshit and a cheap excuse for asshole actions! I am a women, i know what it means to have dreams and wishes,to have goals, to love someone, to take care of family and friends. life is never easy. But thinking that pointing out only the ‘good’ characteristics of an asshole will make him better is an illusion. Alphas dont like to argue, they are simply right, though sometimes very wrong. Do i need to say more? thank you!

  14. Wow it’s a shame that you don’t know how silly you sound right now since you obviously didn’t understand a word of what that article said or the real meaning behind it. She was not men-bashing or being a feminist. She was simply allowing a different breed of women to understand ourselves and relate to others just like us. We love men- duh! Men are only intimidated by stronger women because sometimes we act like we don’t need men anymore because “we got this!” but the truth is that we still do need men but unfortunately the miscommunication between the two is so incredible that we both probably unnecessarily miss out on many wonderful opportunities and relationships. The other factor is the lack of men who will be honest and faithful and not play games (nothing to do with this article but I thought I’d throw that in there since that’s the issue I face the most). So, since this article was written by a woman and for women, I don’t expect you to understand anymore then I understand the language that men share with each other. I will ask questions when I don’t understand instead of jumping to conclusions. You might want to try that in the future- just saying:)

  15. Great article, thank you! I was looking for a definition online and this is the most complete one I have come across. Will share on FB. I believe it is a myth that men are put off by strong women. Men who lack confidence are but not true alphas. It’s very true about a true alpha female not engaging in drama or throwing tantrums. A lot of ‘drama queens’ may think they are alphas – they aren’t.

  16. What a great article.. Thank you !!! reading it through now made a lot of sense to me why things are as they are. I am an Alpha Female… yes curse and a bless.. :)
    I can see me throught out the article.. Kuddos for me :)

  17. I was just having a conversation yesterday with a friend and was told I’m such an alpha female. I was curious as to know exactly what that entailed and sure enough, this blog hit the nail on the head. This is 95% accurate of me!! Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  18. Lol Niko I can tell ( and so does every other woman in here ) that you are a B not an A. I am a proud Alpha married with an Alpha male and mother of two Alpha kids a girl and a boy. If you see me in the street you would drool ( and I bet the same would be for most women Alpha ) we all make sure we look good. I was in the Army ( special unit ) , I was a police officer after that ( S.W.A.T ), I don’t act like a man not one bit. I am as feminim as every female. The non Alpha males are intimidated because we don’t cling, have histerics, depend 24/7 on a man. We make damn good loyal friends, great leaders, awsome mothers who raise strong kids, our husbands don’t need to cheat on us cause they get everything they need and want on their wifes, but we don’t take shit from any one, we work our ass off and help our man . Any Alpha man will appreciate an Alpha Female more than a non Alpha. Girls for you that have trouble finding the right guy ( and you and up dating someone like our Niko here that has the short man syndrome when an Alpha female is around ) the best places to find Alpha Man are usually most military man, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, contact sports, lawyers, pretty much Alpha Males tend to work jobs that are physicaly demending, dangerous, where there is a need for leaders and leadership. Good Luck, and be proud and stay proud of what you are since you are a rear jewl hence the 10%.
    P.S- sorry for my gramer and spelling mistakes, English it’s not my natural language.

    1. You’re using what we anti-feminists refer to as “shaming language”. It won’t work on me. You have never met me and yet you speak as if you have. Illogical. The irony is that I am considered extremely handsome. Matt Dillion in the 80’s hot I’m told. I make six figures in Texas so am also fairly whealthy. I can guarantee you that I’m far more dominate than you, or any female. I have nature on my side. Unlike your behavior, my behavion isn’t inorganic. It’s all in your head, sweetheart.

    2. So the best place to find alpha men is in lower-middle-class jobs (military, police, firefighter)? Very amusing. You reveal your low social status and public school education.

      I was raised in the upper-middle-class (lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians, successful business owners, etc.) attended private prep and boarding schools, family membership in exclusive private country club all my life, 1.4 million dollar house (much more in today’s money), Ivy League people all around me growing up. Even our clothes were/are traditional and timeless; we were genuine preppy (understated).

      Don’t talk to me about alpha status –you’re a wanna-be and a classless pos.

  19. I’m sorry but… we also do not feel the need to defend ourselves… or explain ourselves… or put men (or anyone) down to prove ourselves… so… why are you wasting your energy Kristi?? I would like to ad- Niko is right in one thing (and I am not here to take either side) but Alpha men are always dominant over Alpha females period. No true Alpha, male or female, has anything to prove to anyone- ever (except in competition of course). So this argument is amusing- but unnecessary.

  20. Loved this article! I don’t believe the writer was describing feminist women, but simply those who are leaders in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Being a confident assertive woman doesn’t make one a feminist. Feminism is a state of mind where women consider themselves superior to men for whatever reason. This article simply describes a woman leader and the attributes and character traits and tendencies she may possess. To be a leader and an influence one has to be confident, bold, and possess great people skills. In no way does this article bash men or their potential to be a leader even if it is over an “alpha” female.
    With that said, it’s clear that people in general differ in character and behavior; some are more apt to be leaders while others are more to follow. Since there are dominant behavior tendencies in both genders, this is simply describing a female leader rather than comparing women to men. Being an “alpha” at anything has its ups and downs, as well as not being one. This article simply describes what an alpha woman is and how they may differ from the average woman. Every woman has some “alpha” in them because this is simply talking about influence.

  21. “The Alpha Female is physically different. For most women, the ring and index fingers will be the same length.”

    A trait apparently shared with werewolves.

    People who consider themselves alpha males are dicks and women who consider themselves alpha females are bitches. Adding alpha to your sex doesn’t excuse you from being considered an egotistical asshole with no substance or personality.

    This is why the alpha male and females in fiction are typically antagonists because they’re un-likable, un-interesting and un-relatable.

    Also I have to point out a great deal of this criteria is contradictory, one glaring on is that in the alpha beta terminology once you “submit to their dominance” you are not an alpha.

  22. All due respect Woz Lee you do sound jelous why else would you be here reading something that does not pertain you and you dislike so much ?

    1. I have no idea how I ended up here it was two weeks ago but I can assure you it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t sitting around looking for a new venue to antagonise the “alpha” females.

      As for reading something that does not pertain to me I really don’t know what to make of that, to me there are two things which come to mind:

      1) How exactly does this not pertain to me? I’m a human living on Earth who may have to deal with people who see themselves in this way. I’m also techically a writer, and given the intent of the artical was an examination of alpha female traits for fictional characters I’d argue it pertains to me far more than the people using it for self-validation.

      2) Do you only read things which pertain to you? Do you know nothing of countries, politics, philosophies, religions, cultures, technologies or practices which you are not actively involed with or a part of? If so I’d advise you to read the above list again.

      I don’t dislike the article, the article is a direct copy and paste and I read the article with the intent it was written. Admittedly there are parts I take issue with because trying to build that character even with the contradictions leaves no room for vunerability, or genuine human interaction and would come across as a Mary Sue.

      I do however hate the comments for a number of reasons, but the main one is because you have a lot of people who are happy they have found a label which they believe accurately describes them like it’s helpful.

      What if the woman who wrote this fucked up her filing and it was actually a guide line for a “self-righteous whore” or “irritating inlaw” would people still find it comforting? Would they still be so keen to come on here and claim the label?

      Of course they wouldn’t, they’d be arguing against the label.

      This isn’t the case though is it? They want to think of themselves as an “Alpha Female” they like how that feels, they like the way it sounds.

      Even if it’s not a 100% fit they’ll pretend they’re close enough so they can describe themselves in this way. Even though they don’t always act in a manner which fits a piece of criteria they sort of did that one time, so it’s fine for them to tick that box. Some people will even try to emulate these traits to be what they percieve is an “Alpha Female” because that’s what they want to be.

      What if what they want to be isn’t who they are? What if what they want to be will have a negative impact on their life and who they ultimately could have been?

      They’re trying to be a label by meeting criteria which was cobbled together not by some supreme being of cosmic wonder from and to which the multi-verse flows, but by some woman with a blog.

      You’re not an alpha female you’re a person.

      If you have trouble interacting with other people it’s not because you’re an alpha female it’s because of something else, and that something could be anything from being unintersting to having appallingly bad breath. If you’re having constant arguments with your boyfriend it’s not because you’re an alpha female it’s because you’re two people with differing opinions and limited time.

      People are just people and they’re the same everywhere and the only way you can evolve and connect with people is if you appreciate this, but if you’re adopting a label especially one with “Alpha” (which is the first word god used describe himself) you’re not only setting yourself apart but above.

      Call me crazy but I don’t think the world needs more assholes who think they’re better than everyone else, and I think that people who think they are better than everyone else based on nothing more than their self-assesment are preposterous assholes. Also I don’t think this amazing lack of character is made up for and forgiven because you drink Kale shakes and wear Gucci if anything it’s worsened.

      The Alpha thing is an attitude and it’s an attitude I despise as much as I despise nazis and racists because I don’t differentiate between supremacists.

  23. It’s painfully obvious to me that you are missing the whole point of the article in the first place and you are definitely not understanding what you read. We are on here relating to something (some of us for the first time in our lives) and we are making sense of something that maybe we didn’t understand about ourselves growing up. Good for us! Thank you Jesus for showing me about myself and who I am! I suggest you figure out who you are too. I won’t take the time to address every thing you touched on but I want to on a few things.

    1) Not every female who claims she is an “alpha” is one. On the contrary if she is spouting off like this then she most likely is not. Alpha females honestly don’t like confrontation and will usually try to avoid it, however, if it comes up she will handle the situation swiftly and completely. It sounds to me like you may have had a bad experience with someone who was a wanna-be and caused you problems. That’s unfortunate but it happens. These are the women who try to be validated with a title or a label. That’s not the case here. This does not define who I am- only part of who I am. By definition I am a Christian first. No one is 100% Alpha (except God). But if someone does want to define themselves in that way then so what?? Why do you care what someone else is doing in her life and with her self image? Have you NEVER done that in your life? Isn’t that an important part of life? Figuring out who we are and why? If you don’t see yourself as an alpha female then ok, good, no big deal. You have other things about you that make you unique and special. Find out what those are and go with it but there’s no need to rain on other peoples’ parades because you don’t understand. Ask questions if you want but you are just being confrontational at best. I have never walked around talking about being an alpha female. I don’t need to. I am not a big woman or a mean woman. I am not butch or look like a dude. I am 5’2″ and 130 lbs. I’m not a big deal. I don’t have any problems tho because another alpha female recognizes this in me and I in her and we have an unspoken mutual respect for each other. One will be a little higher in rank than the other and we will know instinctively which one it is. Usually the older or more experienced one. A non-alpha (beta) female will either be confrontational, she may be jealous, or she may even attempt to be a bully or openly flirt with someone’s man (alphas don’t do this) and usually has to be put in her place. It just takes a minute and only usually takes a certain look, expression or tone of voice. They get it (the smarter ones do anyway). That doesn’t make me a bitch or a bad ass- it just means that I don’t have the patience for someone’s bs and won’t tolerate it. Again- I am not a big deal. I won’t go into my dilemmas because you won’t understand them anyway. We take what we are given in life and we work with that. There are pro’s and con’s to every personality. The alpha is no exception. The people you have dealt with who caused you problems and/or pain are obviously not alphas. If you interact with people you come across in life the way you are interacting on here then it doesn’t surprise me if you are having problems tho.

    2) If you watch the superhero cartoons and movies from the past (which is what this is talking about) there is plenty of vulnerability. As for human interaction? We are talking about fictional characters aren’t we?? This article is focusing on the interaction between an alpha male and an alpha female. Lots of human interaction going on there!!!

    If I discovered that I was a “self righteous whore” or “irritating in-law” then yes I would absolutely embrace it if that was the way God made me- I think this is a very poor comparison and I’m not really sure where you’re going with it so that’s all I’ll say about it.

    Am I having a hard time getting a long with people and fighting with my boyfriend? Trouble interacting with people? Not in the least. I love people and get a long with all kinds of people. All different ages, all different races, all different walks of life from the very poor to the wealthy. I understand most people and like to help people reach their potential if I am able to. That has nothing whatsoever to do with being an alpha (other than alpha’s are natural born leaders- I bet you love that don’t you!)

    Nazi’s??? Racists??? Supremacists???- Really????????

    Well other than- I don’t think you should judge people based on so little knowledge and information, and no experience, I don’t have anything else to say.

    Take care of yourself:)
    Life is good- be happy;)

    1. Okay I read this months ago but I just couldn’t be bothered to reply as I had too much crap demanding my time; however it’s new years day and I’m hungover as all hell, so lets do this thing!

      First and foremost I said in my comment what the point of the article is, it’s a character guide. The fact that you find personal validation in it does nothing to change why this article was written, so right now it’s painfully obvious you don’t care about simple facts.

      I know perfectly well who I am, unlike you who apparently had no clue who you were until you read an article on the internet which may as well have been a character sheet for Catwoman… I mean… ugh!

      Anyway let me see how quickly I can get through this, a paragraph in and I’m already tempted to go and watch Netflix or something.


      a) Simply saying something doesn’t make it accurate, you don’t know me or anything about me yet you’ll make assumptions about me and talk down to me based on those assumptions. Which is either deceitful or crazy, I’ll let you decide whether you’re a scumbag or insane.

      I do feel the need to point out that even if you were right and I “had a bad experience” your arguments would still be stupid because even if I was beaten and berated by women every hour of every day my presumed “hatred” or “fear” of women or whatever other crap you can make fit in your own mind wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Arguments stand on their own, if Hitler and a Jew are standing in the middle of a field at night arguing over whether or not the sun is up one of them will be right despite their hatred of each other.

      Arguments have their own merits and have to be defeated on their own terms to be made invalid. Why the argument is being made and who is making the argument does nothing to invalidate the argument itself.

      b) “No one is 100% Alpha (except God)” – What am I meant to do with that? You understand some people (for instance – me) view your religion the same way you view Santa, right? I don’t care that you believe that crap, but you have to understand that a lot of people do think it is crap so why would you bring it up? Even if I bought into that shit I have to believe I’d have the sense to keep it to myself because I’d understand that those beliefs would make me look illogical and somewhat gullible to people who didn’t share them.

      You didn’t think of that, you just thought it and typed it up with no reason to.

      The more I read this the more I remember why I couldn’t be bothered to reply.

      c) “Why do you care what *blah* NEVER done that *blah*? Isn’t that an important part of life?” – Evolving as a person through experience and acquired wisdom is not the same thing as sitting around dreaming about being Batman then reading an internet article listing Batmans character traits, and then trying to convince myself that I am actually quite like Batman! I already said this in my original comment, it is far better to accept yourself for who you are and grow into a better person than aspire to be a certain person.

      Have you ever seen the music video for “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”?

      I wanted to be an artist not because I liked the idea of being an artist but because I wanted to create things, and I’ve had to work my ass off for years developing my skills before I even got to a place where I could not only support myself but succeed as an artist. That thing that I wanted to be was prompted by something I want to do, what can an “alpha female” do that a “beta” or “omega” can’t?

      Then to top that off we’re not wolves we’re human beings and understand these conventions well enough to know that they don’t apply to us, there is no such thing as an Alpha male or female in human societal structure. You may think this character guide does a good job of defining what you consider an alpha female would be, but that label could be replaced by literally anything else because what the alpha/beta/omega/zeta structure describes is something which is not even remotely close to what you’re attributing it to.

      d) “Ask questions if you want but you are just being confrontational at best.” – What I’m being is honest, the fact that you perceive this as being confrontational says more about you than me.

      e) I have nightmares that I am not me, it took a lot of time and work for me to become who I am.

      Here’s a question, based on my comments to you in this post so far do you think I have a great deal of respect for you? Did you think I would have a great deal of respect for you as you were making your post? Do you think I’m respecting you more or less as I read your post?

      With those under consideration here’s another question, do you really think I give two shits about your assessment of me based on a couple of internet comments? The few details you gave about your life sounds like a fucking National Geographic special and you’re giving me shit? I don’t think so.


      a) “If you watch the superhero cartoons and movies from the past (which is what this is talking about)” – Nobody in this comment section was talking about superhero cartoons and movies at any point, matter of fact I was the first person to even comment on the original intent of the article. Everyone before me was either creaming about how much they relate to the criteria, high-fiving each other or arguing about feminism.

      I would love to get into a discussion about whether or not Wonder Woman fits any of this criteria, believe me if that shit had cropped up anywhere in any of these comments I would have been all over it and you wouldn’t have been waiting 3 months for a reply, but that shit is nowhere to be found which is why I pointed out that whilst I like the article I hated the comments. The comments are just incredibly sad. It reads like people taking one of those Facebook tests to find out what character in your favourite TV show you’re most like, and then actually being happy you got the result you wanted even though you were kind of going for that result anyway.

      It means absolutely nothing, but people are talking like it’s life affirming information… it’s a fucking character guide! It’s an Ikea manual to build your very own Catwoman!

      I know you were one of the first people on here talking about how this guide to build Catwoman has given you permission to be who you really are and how much you appreciate this Catwoman bible, so I know you’re not going to see this the way I see it because you like this so have an interest in defending it. I’m just pointing things out as they are.

      Also just reading back over your first post on this thing and I have to say that you may be a woman but you have got some brass balls to try and pull that “I don’t know who hurt you” bullshit on me when your first post on here was talking about how you felt as though you had something wrong with you and were okay being alone, I think you might be the reason I found these comments so depressing.

      I wanted to point out that it’s all bullshit and doesn’t matter; human behaviour and psychology is far too varied and complex to be boiled down into a few distinct types and what was the response I got?

      “All due respect Woz Lee you do sound jelous why else would you be here reading something that does not pertain you and you dislike so much?”

      Which just rubbed me the wrong way. First of all what would I be jealous about? Then the next part I see quite often it’s a line of reasoning which people think reveals some sort of hypocrisy on your part when all it really reveals is the persons stupidity. How would you know you disagree with something if you don’t read it?

      Now you’re spring-boarding off the back of that response like I directed those comments to you specifically and talking as though it was… screw it, moving on.

      b) “This article is focusing on the interaction between an alpha male and an alpha female.” – No it’s not, seriously you accuse me on not understanding the article or reading the article but then you say crap like this.

      The article doesn’t have a focus, it’s a list of traits for a character type the author has defined as an “alpha female” to help writing them. You see in story telling you don’t want to waste time giving the origin and complete personality profile of every single character in your story, you don’t want to write that story and nobody wants to read it, so you have a shorthand known as archetypes and there are shit loads of them.

      The mother figure, the mad scientist, the snooty butler, the heroic knight, the innocent princess, the orphan, mafia/mobster guy, The fat funny sidekick, the anti-hero I could go on and on.

      All of these archetypes have a collection of traits which make them instantly recognisable as that thing, you don’t need to be told everything about them because you kind of already know them having seen people practically identical to them countless times before.

      That’s what the focus of this article is, it’s not intended for you to convince yourself that you’re Wonder Woman minus all the cool shit.

      c) ” I think this is a very poor comparison ” – It’s not a comparison, you just said “if it was discovered I was a…” and that was my point. You haven’t discovered shit, this list was compiled by a fiction writer and was posted on her blog not a peer review journal you know why you didn’t read this in a peer review journal? It’s because people who are informed know it’s bullshit, even in purely taxonomic terms it’s becoming increasingly problematic.

      d) “Am I having a hard time getting a long with people and fighting with my boyfriend? Trouble interacting with people? Not in the least.” – You’re having trouble getting along with me and fighting woth me right now over this alpha shit.

      Way to prove your point.

      e) “Well other than- I don’t think you should judge people based on so little knowledge and information, and no experience, I don’t have anything else to say.” – Again the nerve of you to say that crap after you judged the shit out of me based on nothing more than the delusional character of me you created in your own bat shit loco mind. Nothing I said was directed towards you, I was responding to someone else who was responding to me.

      You haven’t discovered shit about yourself and if this was a quiz to find out which Futurama character you are would you seriously be acting this butthurt if I was to come on here and argue “Actually, you’re not that much like Bender…”? I don’t think you would, yet it’s the exact same thing.

      So why wouldn’t you go to this length to prove that you’re exactly like Bender and get offended by suggestions that nobody is like Bender? Because being like Bender doesn’t mean anything, Bender isn’t part of a hierarchy. Alphas are part of a hierarchy, where do they come? Oh yeah they’re at the top.

      How do they get to the top? Who the fuck knows. How do they get alpha status conferred on them? They don’t. How many reputable academics believe in this shit? None.

      The only people who talk about this are crappy men/womens magazines (GQ, Cosmo etc) and internet forums/blogs, in any serious academic journal you’ll see it’s largely ignored. The last paper I can find for it using my old universities research database is in the International Journal of Behavioural Development and it’s titled “The Myth of the Alpha Male” which was published 6 years ago so…

  24. Finally met my alpha man and I’m no longer a threat! How liberating to complement each other, be free to speak freely and be understood and relax. Hang in there and don’t waste your time trying to placate with words those many misunderstandings. No matter how kind your guy is, if he’s easily upset with who your are in the world or with him, if you make him feel “less so” just by being you, keep looking!

  25. Tahnk you Jan…
    I am kind of in the “given up” mind at the moment with man, but reading your letter I will keep looking than. :) Thanks Girl..cheers for you :)

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Unlike the negative comments from people who don’t know what they’re talking about, this is good , useful information that I can be encouraged by. I have been to the point where I have nearly given up on finding my guy because of not being understood by men, and have wondered if finding an Alpha male is really the answer or if it was just a fantasy. Now I am re-encouraged to not give up because there is an alpha male out there for me. I am once again on the right track:) If anyone will please tell their stories of how they met and/or engaged in and/or maintained their relationships with their alpha male partners then that is what I am really interested in reading about. All this other stuff is just a waste of my time and energy. That is what this chat should really be about anyway… I am ready to be educated by some senior alpha females willing to share! Thank you ladies;)

  27. Hello everyone!

    I’ve been negligent, very it seems, in moderating the comments on this article.

    And while I welcome readers to share their opinion about the article itself I take issue with the cattiness going on between parties. This article is meant to inform. If you see it as a means of educating yourself or other women you feel share these characteristics, than see it as that. But please don’t railroad someone who doesn’t not share your point of view.

    I have gone through and filtered out comments I felt did not enhance this article’s usefulness. The move was not meant to censor you as a reader, but to provide a more friendly environment for you and others.


  28. There are a lot of people going off about certain readers “missing the point” of this article, so before I share my thoughts I just want to say that I as a reader cannot assume the intentions of the writer of this article and I also cannot guarantee that how I interpret this article will be to your liking or approval.

    I personally do not understand the need to label people, period. I cannot imagine that within the complexity of human consciousness, the accumulation of past experiences, reactions, mental filters that make the aforementioned tolerable, education (or lack thereof), religious beliefs, personal codes of conduct, etc. etc. etc. that it is even possible to define ourselves as one thing, even if that one thing is a varied list of several traits.

    You are not one thing, you are many things, you may not always be alpha in certain situations or conditions, you could be beta, it might depend who you are dealing with, why, when, how, where. I do not understand the need for people to cling to these labels that want to pin you down to such narrow definitions. Even if you think being alpha is superior or better, or even just barely awesome, why would you want to limit yourself to one way of being? I suppose for me the best people, the most resilient, the strongest, are the ones who have no labels other than GENIUS, the person who thought outside the box, who did the unexpected, who pushed us beyond the limits of what we thought as humans we were capable of, those who did not label themselves and because of that felt they were able to achieve the unachievable!

    How can you reach greatness when you limit yourself to certain characteristics or try to label yourself? Do you really depend on the affirmation of a word like ALPHA to feel relevant or important? How does a label comfort you or help you understand yourself? It’s just some random persons idea of what they think you might be, you are defining yourself through the eyes of another person…how is that remotely alpha?! LOL.

    I also think the whole feminist thing…BLEH! As a woman I find that feminists (at least SOME of them) are the BIGGEST MYSOGINISTS around. Why do you equate power with being MALE or with male traits? So me being a woman is not good enough then? I cannot be a STRONG female without a male career, male sexual habits, or a male attitude?! Apparently I have to act like a man to be considered strong and powerful because JUST being a woman is not good enough…being feminine, being loving and patient, being a mother or a wife who wants to spoil her husband, taking care of a home and making my job as a wife and mom…that is for SISSYS, for GIRLS…right ladies?!

    Oh and don’t give me the BS about how feminism just makes it OKAY for a woman to CHOOSE a life/career outside the home and that this is what feminism is all about. RIGHT! I hear more feminists bash women who choose a home life as wife/mom than any other group…they mumble on about stay-at-home-moms having mush for brains, watching soap operas all day, being weak/dependent on their husbands for everything, etc. They want to shame women into feeling that their natural feminine instincts to nurture/mother are a sign of weakness and they have to prove themselves by rejecting their femininity and embracing male traits/habits…because, like I said, being a WOMAN is not good enough for these misogynists that call themselves defenders of women. SURE!!!!

  29. I loved this article – it is one of the few writings that describes what I would deem to be true alpha traits, all of which are steeped in a quiet self-assuredness. However, in spite of such self assuredness these traits are often extremely confusing for those who of us who fit the spectrum of the alpha female. Confusing because we are often isolated by those who dont understand us. We are contrary to what most of society dictates as “proper”, our behaviors are simultaneously exalted and chastised – especially whe it comes to how we embrace our sexuality. We are often “captured” by those who can’t handle the way we are, and attempts at controlling us end up in abject misery for those involved.

    Most articles and popular beliefs do describe alpha-females as bitches and alpha-males as assholes; I find it frustrating since neither is true – those types are just bitches & assholes. Money also has little to do with it – as mentioned by another poster (and used by one of the more antagonistic posts by a threatened male). I have met a large number of high income earning men (I have worked in the petroleum sector) who may be skilled and superior within their careers, but cannot cope with a head strong, happy, confident, independent woman.

    It is also right to acknowledge the spectrum of alpha and beta (it’s not a clear cut line), and especially within romantic relationships. An alpha female will NOT always be less alpha to an alpha male. I have plenty of first hand experience there. I am in an exceptionally beautiful relationship with the first man I have ever deemed to be my equal, we accept each other for who we are, exactly the way we are. We give each other the space we need to be ourselves, and the love, help and support to be stronger together. Together, I feel nothing we would face could be insurmountable. We are both extremely secure in ourselves and each other (such a nice change – alpha females make men that are not their equals extremely insecure, and unstandably, their role for us is not well defined, and that is confusing). Together, we handle conflict with ease; because we respect each other, we listen openly and without judgement, and without taking things personally. We are extremely well balanced, and I can tell you within this dynamic, we will alternate between who’s more alpha on any given day and sometimes throughout the day. The beautiful thing is, we do so without issue, because of that aforementioned respect for each other and security within ourselves. I am grateful everyday to have this man in my life; with great ease, we bring each other much love, joy and happiness.

    As for the disbelievers following the thread, all pack animals have social hierarchies, and we are most certainly pack animals! It doesn’t get more natural than that. Being alpha is not better or worse than being beta, (in fact, being an alpha can mean being extremely loney), it just is what it is within the vast spectrum of human behaviour.

    Lastly, to the philistine who made the comment about women and invention within computing technology, does the name Ada Lovelace mean anything to you. Your confidence in your own ignorance is frustrating.

    1. Thank you for sharing your relationship experiences. They are similar to mine, and i now understand the reas i nhowever, I hav

    2. Thank you for sharing your relationship experiences. They are similar to mine, and I now understand the reason for the relationship difficulties. Happy for you that you found a great relationship (with an alpha male of course ;-) )

  30. Huh I am one, I am glad that we can read this and figure out why we deal with what we deal in life. All my life I have dealt with a lot of missunderstanding ( the same that some comments are here ) that I felt as an outcast, stranger, wired etc. Being Alpha has it’s own merits but it also has it own heartbreaks. The hear breaks come manily from people that don’t understand us, fear u, are jelous , or something down that line. It took me forevevr to understand why people treated me the way they did especially women, until one day I was lucky enough to meat a woman who was an Alpha and at the eop of the chain, who diecided to dedicate her extra time and money ( she had plenty ) to help girls like me that had no clue about alpha traits. Sh helped me understand that for what ever reason most peope feel inferior ( especially other women ) and I should stop paying attention to that, but embrace my own personality, she told me that it is our blessing and our curse and we have to learn to deal and live with it and try as best as we can to do our job since there was a reason God saw it important to bring us to this world. Well I finally learned to stop caring why it was so hard to have girl-friends, why I had such an easy time to be friends with guys and they treated me like another guy, they had no problem with me. I learned to notice another alpha and my life started to fall in place just like a puzzle. I had my heartbreaks, it was hard going through school and not fit with girl crowds which was interesting because one I learned what I am and what does that mean, I stoped trying so hard to fit in that specific crowd, it was like a Boom out of suden I had people turn to me for approval and friendship. I had few failed relationships, at one point in my life on my early 20 I thought I just wasn’t meant to have a relationship or become a mother. But one day God saw to it that I walked head on on another guy and we have been together ever since. Yes he is an alpha, yes he knew all about it, yes I was told even by ex boyfriends ( that we are “friends” ) that somehow I glow. I think it has to do with accepting my self, knowing who and what I am, and being understood and encuraged by my husband. I do have kids, it’s early to know but I think both my little girl and my little boy are also alphas, it’s strange because we don’t do it in a purposse yet all our friends are mostly alphas. For all of you you have hard time with it and mainly the relationship part hang on, I do agree with Kristi as where you will find most alpha males. Good luck, and just ignore the negative comments, you should be used to them by now.

  31. and Maria Kang in the same boat. lol

    I am not Alpha but let me tell you all if we don’t stop this vanity shit thinking we are better than others and can do freely Jesus Christ will definitley put us humble. LOOK AT WE ARE DOING AS A SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I didn’t consider myself an alpha female, but after reading this I realize I possess the traits. Needless to say, this was a VERY enlightening article. I have a better understanding of myself, how others view me and how that affects my intimate relationships and interactions with others.

    Thank you for giving me the clarity I needed to fully understand myself and to embrace who I am.

  33. “She may choose to submit to his dominance (for the most part)…”

    Not true!!!

    I am a naturally dominant woman in my 40s and have finally found the perfect male: he is very masculine in terms of appearance, voice, job, behavior, and is not intimidated by a strong woman. Only an insecure man would ever have a problem with a strong woman. Biology, upbringing, life experience – there are many factors. I guess I lucked out with myself and my partner. Ladies: don’t settle for anything but a TRULY respectful, masculine man. Stay away from the pseudo masculine men.

  34. Woz Lee= Not an Alpha Male.

    Nobody here is claiming to be “better” than anyone else. There are different personality types and this just happens to be one. No need for you to get all butt hurt/intimidated over something you have no control over. Nobody is attacking you personally. Now please go and play someplace else. You poor thing-I can tell you spent way too much time on your lengthy post. You must be exhausted trying to get everyone here to listen to your pip-squeaky voice. Now please run along and try to find a healthier activity for yourself. Don’t worry, nobody here judges you for having a small weeny.

    1. No I’m not an alpha male. I’m also not a unicorn or the King of Mount Gulululuzagu or anything else anyone cares to imagine which does not exist.

      You people don’t seem to understand the language you’re using, the term alpha is not some wishy washy ad hoc bullshit made up on the fly to be attributed to absolutely anything.

      In it’s most universal usage it means first. This comes from its biblical usage with god describing himself as “Alpha and Omega” which are the first and last letters of Greek alphabet. In the context of a hierarchy it’s that which is ranked above everything else in that hierarchy and in ethological terms it means dominant.

      So how can one claim this mantle whilst not claiming to be better than others?

      If there are these personality types and there are these hierarchy’s then alphas would have to be better than everyone who is not an alpha, the alphas have to be a higher status or dominant for the term to have any meaning whatsoever.

      So if you want to play that stupid game and argue that:

      “Nobody here is claiming to be “better” than anyone else”

      Guess what? You’re not an alpha! Not by any definition of the word! Describing yourself as an alpha implies that you are above others and if you’re claiming you’re not above others then there is no hierarchy and no alphas!

      That’s my point, that this hierarchy does not exist. The fact that people take issue with this and try to attack me for stating something you would all know if you weren’t egotistical assholes is not my problem.

      I’m coming at you with logic, you’re coming at me with weak sauce passive aggression and penis insults. lol

      If you think this shit takes any time at all to respond to you’d have to be a bit… well, less said. I’ll just say that if I could limit myself to maybe one facepalm every post I have to read I’d probably be done four times faster.

  35. Wow Woz- I didn’t even realize that you are a guy! You must drive a really REALLY big truck!!
    Just a reminder… We are truly enjoying your insights, even though this was never about you, but you don’t have to keep coming back for more of the same. You are not going to change what is and it’s obviously hurting your feelings or a hitting a nerve for some personal reason. You are just attacking everyone on here for no apparent reason. You’re showing your weakness and that’s going to carry thru to the rest of your personal as well as your work life. Just saying.
    Don’t worry- be happy:)

  36. Hey!!! Nice artical! EPIC! LOL! I am epic, awesome, amazing and EPIC! I said epic twice cuz I am epic. Oops! *blushes* we are talking about the artical here not how truly epic I am. Well, anyway nice artical!

  37. HEY! IT’S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww did you miss me? *gasp* you didn’t miss my truly EPICNESS?! Is epicness even a word? No. I am awepicazing! Awepicazing is a word that you get when you combine epic, awesome and amazing! I made this word cuz I am EPIC, AWESOME and AMAZING. You can also put it like this amazepicsome or epawezing or zingepawe or- well, you get the picture! *blushes* wow I get distracted by my epawezing. We are talking about the artical! Okay, I will say this artical is great *gives thumbs up* that is a HUGE compliment from me cuz I am so much GREATER than everyone- *blushes* I have got to stop that. Nice artical! EPIC KITTY is out!!!

  38. There is no such thing as an “alpha female.”

    Ironically, the comments on these delusional, egotistical articles are being evaluated and studied by social scientists. But not in a way you self-centered delusional women would expect.

    “Alpha females” only exist on TV and in movies made by the social-engineers and Marxisit lunatics who own and run the mass media (TV, Movies, magazine publishers, book publishers, radio, etc.). It’s not real. What is real is mental illness and delusional self image brought on by the controlled media.

    Here’s a dare for all you loony toons: search YouTube for “The Flip-Side of Feminisim”

    Also, search for “Real Men and Women – Alex Jones”

    Reality check for all you delusional airheads. :)

  39. I have to call bullshit. I don’t think this writer has the slightest idea what she’s talking about, and is just taking characteristics of women she was intimidated by and assigning them to one category.

    “…neurologically wired to think like men – but they do so with feminine flare.”[sic] WTF is “feminine flare”? Does the alpha female set things on fire? Of course, I’m not sure what “feminine flair” would be either. Am I going to bat my eyelashes while I give my opinion? Wiggle my hips while I make a decision?

    And what does “think like men” mean? Who said it takes a special category of alpha/”superior” women to see the beauty in logic, to recognize that intimidation is only a factor if you think the other person is somehow superior to you, and to expect to be taken seriously on your own terms? Why would my opinions be any less valid than those of a male? It doesn’t take me being an “alpha” female to be equal to anyone else, to decide for myself what my values are, or to set my own agenda.

    Maybe I’m a feminist. Maybe I’m an alpha female. Or, just maybe, I’m a person like everyone else on this planet, and all these categories are nonsense that society should have discarded decades ago.

    Get to it, society.

  40. I am so thankful to find this article!!!! I am an alpha woman and though I knew it for a good part of my adult life, others around me could never handle my aura and always tried their level best to knock me down a few notches. Most dont understand the concept of an alpha woman. We run our world in an extremely feminine way. We are the real females of the race. And when we meet a man who is stronger than us, we submit and are devoted.

    1. Can you idiots please stop with all this ” alpha” “beta” “I’m a strong woman” “alpha woman are slut shamed” garbage? Look, you are not special because you have a career and like sex. You do not deserve sympathy or special treatment because someone called you a slut. People get called names all the time. Stop trying to act like victims when you all know that “alpha females” are constantly praised by other women. I’m sick of society trying to put labels on people. I’m also sick of Western women acting like victims and crying about being called a slut. There are women, children and men in third world countries without clean water and are being exploited by human trafficking rings, and yet, all you idiots care about is alpha women ” being shamed for sleeping with a lot of men?” Open your eyes and realize that you are spoiled rotten brats. Different people have different opinions on sex, and they live in a country where they have the ability to form their own opinions. Get over yourselves.

    1. Johnny,

      My boyfriend says that of me!! He says any man in his right mind would want this kind of woman. If you don’t have one good luck in finding her!!

  41. Bravo..shakespere come hither -_- big sigh’s it feel out there in the coop all hungry chickens need yur beeks clipped..viscious ..some truly are wisedom for the suul end with ye shall walk in ffrinship or the valley of death..thees article z a ray of sunshine to ye that are cave dwelles tranlate::happyness ..article has make sense to the higher beings of tlhe land..quite. being ckickins..peace power progress…toxicalfalfa -_-

  42. Whoa… dude… every single one of those things applies to me… even the finger thing (one hand they’re equal length, the other the ring finger is longer)… that’s really weird.

  43. One of my “not-a-alpha” girlfriends sent this to me!! She knows me well and knows I have been like this all my life. I am also a Dragon in Eastern Zodiac which also describes me as well. My boyfriend says I’m the perfect girlfriend because of these traits. He can have more fun with me then his guy friends cause he can’t take them back home and have mind blowing sex anyway he wants it or how ever I decide he can get it!! My mom asked me at 12 if I knew what a reputation meant. When she explained it to me my reply to her was “I DON’T CARE!!!” She asked why and my reply was then and still is the only person that I care what thinks of me “IS ME” the rest of the world can kiss my Lilly white ass!! I don’t follow anyone’s rules but my own. I do what I want when and where ever I want. No one can stop me, they think they can but when you are able to out smart everyone, even when they think they are the superior, Ha! Once years ago at my job I had a young female ask me “you need to bottle your attitude and sale it!” My reply was, why, bitches like you wouldn’t know what to do with it. I also advised her I was born this way, it can’t be taught nor bought. You either have it or you don’t and I do. I am good and great at everything I do. You can’t compete with me because you can’t do it the way I do it. So sit back and just enjoy!! :-) And for those “so called men” that have had something to say about this article in any negative way get lost. Not even a regular women would want you. Some friend of my families made a comment about I scare men away, good, I get rid of the weak, homosexuals and anyone who can’t keep up. And I have found by chance the man that can!! When an Alpha-female finds her mate he will appreciate you for the way you are and not be intimated in the least. Like in this article I can take care of myself. I hunt, fish and can live off the land without the assistance of modern day grocery stores. I have 2 grown children that take care of them selves instead of dependent on a parent that didn’t know how to cut the apron strings. No, I didn’t have the pleasure of giving birth to a alpha female like myself but my daughter is well talented in the ways of the world and at 26 is independent and self-sufficient .She has the same talents that rubbed off whether she wanted it or not. She had to live with me for 21 years. TO ALL ULTIMATE ALPHA FEMALES!! Young and Old that have found this article remember you are the number one! Many blessings too all!!

  44. I am an Alpha female and LOVE it. Alpha ladies, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful marriage and/or be a wonderful mother. I have 5 children (4 sons and 1 daughter – 2 are alphas), run a successful business, have close friendships and LOVE LIFE. I am an “Alpha Mom” and I am raising amazing kids. I am no pushover but I hug them more than they like and tell them I love them many times a day. You can be an Alpha and sensitive too.

  45. Only an alpha understands that we don’t do this for a power play or to make others feel lesser. We were just given this hand to play, and I’ve often fought it but no longer. I’m 38 and finally figuring this out. Our society still doesn’t prize alpha females, but I’m done hiding my true self!

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